It has been almost a year now since we first had a chance to interview with our partner. Covid-19大流行改变了一切, 包括网上购物行为, 加速了向数字化世界的转变. 

10月9日, 2020, we conducted an online interview with Lisa Slavik - Founder of 嬉皮女孩设计. You might want to know more about her inspiring success story as a woman entrepreneur, 以及丽莎是如何克服障碍和多样性,取得现在的成就的. 作为一个值得信赖的Shopify专家, Lisa also had some advice to other entrepreneurs to be successful on the Shopify Platform.

Can you tell me more about yourself 和 your current business on Shopify platform?

丽莎: 嬉皮女孩设计 is a boutique Shopify Agency with a focus tailored to the small business owner. opebet体育官网app已经为超过300家Shopify商店工作, 每一个都是opebet体育官网app个人客户愿景的独特表达.

My initial intent was to focus on women-owned businesses because I believe in women supporting women, 但opebet体育官网app的客户各占一半. 我在Shopify商店工作过,从美容到时尚, 食物和饮料, 艺术和媒体, 到人身安全,甚至山羊, 鸡和拖拉机.

I have been a Shopify Partner providing design 和 E-commerce services for a little over 3 years but I’ve been using the Shopify platform for over 10 years with my own businesses.

我的背景是平面/网页设计, 排版, with a degree in retail merch和ising from Fashion Institute of Design 和 Merch和ising. 我有经验。 同时拥有实体店和网店,以及在批发、分销和进口方面的丰富经验. 

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丽莎:My E-commerce journey started back in 1997 when I launched one of the first beauty 和 fragrance websites, beautycafe.com. 当我创办美容咖啡馆的时候, 除了有平面设计和零售经验, 我刚接触网页设计和电子商务. 网络世界本身也处于起步阶段. 没有什么资源,也没有人帮助或指导我. 我边走边自学, 我犯了不少错误, 但幸运的是,有几个人相信我.

我自己经营了20年的生意, 说实话, 我有点筋疲力尽,开始迷路了. While my store was successful, I felt there was something missing, something more for me to do.
Then, three years ago, a friend asked me to help them start their own online business. The clarity that came over me was incredible… it was as if the clouds parted 和 the sky turned blue. 我突然灵光一闪,意识到这就是我要做的. I could take all my years of experience 和 save people from all the trials 和 errors that I had made. Now was my chance to give back 和 help others achieve their dreams of having their own business.


丽莎: 我的早晨从喝咖啡开始,然后我浏览电子邮件来计划我的一天. 我对客户制定了先到先出的原则,按工作的先后顺序进行安排. I use a project management tool that my clients have access to so everyone knows what is going on at any given time. My clients love using it since they can log in at their convenience 和 see where I am 和 what is needed of them. My mornings are dedicated to uninterrupted work 和 one on one 培训 with clients. 我留下午打电话.

我喜欢我的工作的哪一点? 一切!!! 与我的Shopify客户的工作使我不断受到启发.


丽莎: 一切!

Shopify empowers the small business owner 和 gives them access to tools that initially were only available to those who had extensive computer skills or deep pockets. Shopify把电子商务带到了Main Street. The Shopify community is inspiring 和 always helpful to others just starting out. The Theme 和 App developers listen to the community 和 continue to improve the Shopify platform.

你想分享更多关于你的团队的信息吗? 你们用Shopify提供什么样的服务?

丽莎: 我什么都懂,但什么都不懂. I believe in working with specialists 和 I consider myself fortunate to work with some of the best.

Helly和Hitesh是我的开发团队. 无论是定制高级主题还是定制代码主题开发, opebet体育官网app让客户的愿景成为现实. Chris assists with clients’ Photoshop 和 Video Editing needs, as well as consulting.



如果客户的需求超出了我的专业范围, 我可以把他们介绍给我的社交媒体专家网络, 搜索引擎优化, 谷歌, 和脸谱网.

嬉皮小鸡设计提供设计, 重新设计, 迁移, 培训, 在Shopify平台上进行咨询. 同时opebet体育官网app也会根据客户的需要提供维护和更新, we are not a task-based agency - there are other companies that focus on those services.

让opebet体育官网app多谈谈你的客户. 它们来自哪里? 任何与他们一起工作的难忘经历?

丽莎: 我的公司叫嬉皮小鸡设计, so that name alone is only going to resonate with someone who is automatically part of my tribe. We are not a cookie-cutter agency; we think freely outside the box. 我的客户就像我的家人一样,我很幸运能遇到他们中的一些人. 每天我都发现自己受到他们的鼓舞. opebet体育官网app互相学习.

我通常与美国的客户合作. 我试过在美国以外的地方工作,但说实话, 时差是个障碍, 尤其是我住在洛杉矶.

而我的一些客户有全职工作, 他们中的大多数都专注于他们的在线业务. I worked nonstop during the months of March through June of this year because my clients were taking advantage of the downtime to start their new businesses.

难忘的经历? 哦,天哪,几乎每一个都是. So far I’ve worked on over 300 Shopify stores 和 each one has been a different experience for me. 它们对我来说都是难忘的. It’s the people, it’s their stories, it’s the reason why they are starting their own business. 我很幸运能与一些最了不起的人合作.

Learn更多关于建立在线时尚业务 在这里

What has been your biggest challenge so far 和 how did you solve it (For ex: h和ling requests from customers, 等)?

丽莎: One of the biggest challenges I’ve come across actually has nothing to do with their Shopify store, 这与他们相信自己并迈出第一步有关. 我试着去了解我的客户在旅途中的位置. 我一直在那里, 我曾穿过这双鞋,所以我可能无法理解他们的恐惧, 我懂了. 独自走出去可能会让人害怕. 我让自己容易接近,在必要的时候我会握着别人的手,轻轻地推. 但说实话, there have been a couple of times when I’ve just had to let the client walk away 和 do what’s best for them in their own time. 当他们准备好重新上路时,我就在这里.


丽莎: Opebet是这样一个不可思议的工具,不仅对我的客户,而且对我自己. I’ve used Opebet for everything from creating mockups to l和ing pages for 脸谱网 Ads to an additional page to complement a site.

I recently installed Opebet for a client who wanted to use a specific membership app but we kept having issues with it. opebet体育官网app的电话和邮件都没有回复. The only way to make this particular app function properly with our theme was to use Opebet. Opebet确实挽救了这一天,客户喜欢我为他们创造的设计.

The majority of the time I use Opebet to help clients manage their 脸谱网 Ad l和ing pages. 他们只需要一个“立即购买”页面来推动他们的广告. I train clients on how to use Opebet so they can maintain the page 和 update it on their own.

你使用Opebet有什么困难吗? 你是怎么解的呢?

丽莎: 我在使用Opebet时从来没有遇到过任何问题! 我喜欢他们不断添加的新模板和新功能. If you have experience using other web development tools like Divi or WordPress (something with sections) you will feel quite comfortable using Opebet. 因为它在Shopify平台上,所以效果更好!!

最后一个问题, do you have any advice for new E-commerce entrepreneurs on the Shopify 合作伙伴 ecosystem? 

丽莎: 相信自己. 和相信你的人在一起. 开始写日记或在Pinterest上创建一个版块来帮助你定义自己的品牌和声音. 当你偏离航向时,你可以用它来帮助你保持航向. 定义你的目标客户. Shopify社区非常棒. If you have questions you can always reach out to various message boards on Shopify, or 脸谱网. 总有人会帮你的.

最重要的是,无论你做什么,确保是你喜欢做的事情. 约瑟夫·坎贝尔说过:“追随你的幸福.. 找到它在哪里,不要害怕追随它。”.


嬉皮小鸡设计公司以自己是 认证Shopify专家和合作伙伴 和 Shopify附属, 超过300个Shopify商店构建,重新设计和迁移. 拥有超过20年的在线电子商务运营经验, Lisa和她的团队一直在为小企业主赋权, 尤其是女性企业家, 实现自己的商业目标和梦想. 

Lisa也是Opebet值得信赖的合作伙伴,您可以通过以下方式与她取得联系: http://hippiechickdesign.com 或邮件 lisa@hippiechickdesign.com.

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